Where my work lives

As a dance artist, I am interested in the Body: my own body, the ‘other’ body, the

corporeal body, the bioregional body, the transgressive body, the queer body. The body

pulses with the stories of our ancestors, the imprinting of culture, and the instincts of our

creaturely ways. I approach movement as a presence practice with the body, oriented

towards ease, athleticism, and pleasure. I believe in sweating stories into pools of

questions on the floor of wonder and playing with possibility.

As we reach the threshold into 2018 I want to look back at what I have been making as my perception of my thesis work unfolds. I'm looking at trends, patterns, what I still find interesting, what I don't. What wants to emerge from my work? Where am I going?

I'm definitely making some weird, senseless shit right now. I'm cool with that. Yes, I am wearing a leather harness. What? :) I'm exploring the sensing/perceiving body and I'm following my body. My understanding of the world is rooted in connection to the Earth community. I'm hungry for it right now. I left my urban permaculture community in Reno when I separated from my ex. I was going through a lot of change and needed space as I was coming into my queer identity. And grad school has me all consumed. And so I am hungry for it. For putting my hands in the soil and working with the Earth. My research in Christian hegemony has me all urging me towards a praxis of my work. Experimenting with practices of counter-hegemony in the body, letting go of this ancestral internalized hegemony that lives within my body. I've historically had a really hard time with honoring my body. I grew up dominating my body. Serious classical ballet training. Strict Christian taboos on all things sexual, non-normative, transgressive. Fuck, I've dominated my wonderful, queer body my whole damn life. Back to praxis. Part of this whole thesis journey for me lives in me learning to self love and self care. I feel called to embody my queerness as an unbinding of ancestral trauma. My lineage is toxic, patriarchal, white supremacist, hegemonic Christianity. I think I might need to do an entire blog post on Martin Luther. Anyway, my point is that unknowing the hegemony in my body means, in part, developing a praxis or practice of nourishing my body, which to me directly relates to my relationship with the land and food and life force.

I started improvising in wild places early on this past semester and made a couple videos. I am practicing my video editing skills. Still not sure where I'm going.

This one I forgot to trim. Just more following my body. Listening. Responding. Practicing presence in my body.

Dance film I made but need to get music for.

I did this the day of the 2016 election. What does it all mean? I've been clearly interested in connection with land in my work but where do I want to go with it? I would appreciate any kinds of comments, questions, things noticed...xo

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