Queer Mating Dance Take 7 or 8

Looking for feedback here! I have been working with several different scores for this dance. Playing around. Experimenting. Riley and I had a rehearsal this morning that got interrupted when she started to come down with the stomach flu. So we didn't do a full run through but we got a good 45 minutes of working on our nest bit together and then I worked on my own movement material and ideas after she left. So, I compiled together the sequence that I think I am going for in this here video. I edited it and layered a new sound score over it, trying to preserve our voices during the speaking moments and laughter in the end. Right now I think the end has the most ????? in it. I really want to bring the piece together with laughter and pure connection as the lights fade. Some of my movement choices are now being influenced by my new knowledge of somatics and I am working on a few different somatic ideas in my own body. I continue to like the direction that I'm going with this work but am not sure about the ending. Thoughts? Feelings? How does the thunder feel? I added that in to accompany the disruption/disorientation of my queer experience. I personally like it. Love to hear feedback! Thanks!

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