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Ok, so that improvisation I did back in December is still living in me and I am exploring it more. But with different movement choices. Why am I wanting to work with this text? It is coming out of my insight that I don't want to prove anything; don't want to produce anything; don't want to please anyone. The hegemony that lives in me really oriented me towards submission to authority as a child and these words actually reminds me a lot of my teenage rebellion. So, I recognize that there is some reaction to domination that is going on in this exploration. Is that healthy? It is just rebellion? I am playing with the audience/performer relationship and expectations. I hate expectations. I grew up with so many expectations of me and I always hated it. I still feel it. I'm a good dancer. I feel the expectation to "perform". Sometimes it fucks me up. In class for example, when I know people are watching me, sometimes I just panic and forget everything! So, what am I doing here? Does it work?

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