Scoring the Sacraments: Queer Incarnational Flesh

Queer Incarnational Flesh

I have a lot of ideas.

I'm trying to organize them.

I think what I'll try to do is to lay out the bare bones here, in this post and then create a separate post for each sacrament with design ideas and hopefully scores.

Let's first consider the space. I will edit this tomorrow with pics of the space.

Courtyard/Art 105



The Underground Forest/The House of Belonging

My installation will be in 3 7minute loops.

There are 7 Sacraments, all will be present but in differing strands.

The strands of the work will be dance/movement/film/sound/costumes/lights/set.

If I'm right about that....then there are 7 strands.

I'm going to create a blog about each of the 7 sacraments; where it is stranded and design ideas.

Butoh. I find myself wanting to explore butoh. There are classes and an upcoming workshop I could attend. I am reading Sandra Froleigh's Botoh: metamorphic dance and global alchemy. Can I explore this? I'm just starting to get into it and don't yet have words around why this feels important to me but I know it has something to do with incarnation. With the experience of being alive. And embodied. And throwing off hegemony. I don't know where I want to go with this. I don't even know if it's ok if I explore it. I'd like feedback on that.

Here is a little overview of the sacraments


Initiation or welcoming rite into church

Sign of dying to one’s old life and being born again into one’s new life

Death of the closeted life. Birth of new life

Wipes out all distinctions of gender, sex

New identity in body of christ


God’s and desire for us meets our desire for God

Evidence of the queerness of Christ’s body as it transcends the flesh



Dissolving boundaries between insider and outsider

Connected to coming out as it allows us to confirm our place in God’s realm

Sacrament of initiation allows queer christians to “move into shared erotic power for justice with other gay/lesbian christians.”


Also known as penance.

Involves the absolution or forgiveness of one’s sins

Dissolves the boundaries between guilt and sin

Closely connected to coming out, as we repent of the closet

It’s an acceptance of God’s gift of our sexuality and being honest with others about who we are

Not just rependtence on behalf of queer folks but also refusal to be reconciled with churches who engage in heterosexist oppression and compulsary heterosexuality.



Sacred covenanting of two persons who promise their fidelity and love for each other before God and community

Dissolving boundaries between self and other

Queer marriage sacred in part because of it’s existence outside the heterosexual power struggle.

Sexual praxis

Covenant, not procreation

Holy Orders

Dissolves boundaries between Divine and human

Bears witness to God’s creative diversity, spiritual-sexual integrity, and harmony of sexual orientation.

A rejection of power and domination over others

Queer ministers are called to “love making” and justice doing”

An exercise in authority that is egalitarian and symmetrical

Annointing the sick

Dissolves boundaries between sickness and health

About healing-our bodies, internalized homophobia, or broken relationships

“God’s solidarity with people with HIV, their marginalization and suffering.”

This piece has been my obsession while considering my thesis concert. I love it. It's transgressive. It's powerful. It's queer aesthetic is hot. I want a little bit of this.

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