Queer Covenant


Sacred covenanting of two persons who promise their fidelity and love for each other before God and community

Dissolving boundaries between self and other

Queer marriage sacred in part because of it’s existence outside the heterosexual power struggle.

Sexual praxis

Covenant, not procreation

I am imagining exploring this sacrament with 2 male bodies. I'm considering Brevin for one. He has been taking my dancelab class all year and is really invested in movement of the sensing body. This is the sacrament where I am interested in exploring Butoh. I really like the above images in terms of costuming. I still need one more dancing body. Brevin and who???

I'm also not entirely sure where to situate this one. Do I design some kind of wedding arch and create score under it? Yes. Yes. That is what I want.

However, I need to be careful around marriage imagery. I want to highlight the queer interpretation of the sacrament being in the dissolving of boundaries between self and other.

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