Confirmation. Threshold.


Wall installation. The wall between outside and inside.

Sacrament of Confirmation


Dissolving boundaries between insider and outsider

Connected to coming out as it allows us to confirm our place in God’s real

Sacrament of initiation allows queer christians to “move into shared erotic power for justice with other

gay/lesbian christians.”

The wall I'm imagining to be the sacrament of confirmation, or the threshold between insider and outsider is the exterior wall with the three doors of Art 105.

On the exterior, I want to adorn with icons of "queer saints." Folks who have transitioned beyond life on Earth and that I connect to as queer ancestor. Queer and trans martyrs among them. I will construct these icons through photo wood transfer. I have experience with this. Something like this.

I will need to consider how I want to light them.

One the inside of the wall, I want to build moss walls. It's living. Bringing growing, living, animate life into the inside of a wall is transgressing the boundary between inside and outside. I'm inspired by these below.

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