Process update

I want to keep tracking with my process. My thesis work feels so big and expansive and out of my control in some way. I feel that in some way I have slipped inside it and have been doing work that can only be sensed from within. This is a video of Moses and Keanu working through their score. The chair and wine holder are placeholding the wedding arch. The music is timekeeping for them. Not the music of the show. I had a misfire of my videoing and am missing the first minute of the score. Here's the score:

1. Explore queer animality: sensing the other, feeling the other with curiosity and peeked desire, no touching, no crossing the midline

2. Explore the magnetic force of desire but do not give in. Longing for the other. Aching for the other.

3. Gaze into eyeballs. Slow dance. Melt. Hold. Find the joy of connection. Whisper and laugh.

These boys are REALLY in it. In fact, they have told me that they are feeling it FOR REAL. It's been amazing working with them. I am super touched by their presence and intimacy. I have one more rehearsal with them this coming Thursday.

So much has been happening to me! I feel like I am on a big learning curve. I discovered some theories on improvisation that are captivating me. I am reading this book called 'Attending to Movement: Somatic Perspectives on Living in this World' edited by Sarah Whatley, Natalie Garret Brown and Kirsty Alexander and it is blowing up my mind!

"A radical reappraisal of the stuff of life or what matters to us, materialist theory has emerged in the wake of recognition that dominant constructivist theories of post modernism and post modern feminism are inadequate for thinking about matter, materiality and political change. A materialist theory of agency calls for a sensory attentiveness to nonhuman forces operating outside and inside the human body and would seem an appropriate critical partner to somatic approaches to dance and in particular, site responsive dance." 31

Somatic Materialism.

I just wanna dig, dig, dig. I love this field!

Working on my score for the Eucharist. My own body. I am still reflecting on what wants to emerge. I have been doing somatic investigating outside. Really, really big things have been emerging in my movement practice. I have been exploring the fluid system and space. I have been slowing down. Still not clear about my Eucharist score but I think I am working it out in my body right now.

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