Rehearsal 5 video and notes

Holy wow! Yesterday's rehearsal was a labor of love! Thank you all so much for working so hard and being present with the work. I really appreciate the professionalism and creativity you all bring. I felt like you were in it with me in spite of allergies and rushing and life shit and I really am grateful.

So, I am going to give a run down of the work here. I was running out of space on my camera when I filmed this so I had to edit it a bit, merging two videos cuz I ran out on the last piece.

Part 1-Tubes & Edges

Choreographed movement in tubes, upright.

Part 2- Tubal Somatics

Somatic based floor exploration

Need to make transition from floor to standing. Weight sharing.

Part 3-Falling

Finding a transition

Begins with finding a yield of the front body to the back body, facing towards each other

Sponge pattern (small pulse)

Explore finding 'falls' internally, let your body respond to it. Find a new part of the body to stretch and find fall. Repeat. Allow space for passive weight.

"It's me" score. Feeling the tension of the tubes, feeling when the moment is right for you to fall, saying 'it's me' and drop spinning as the rest of the dancers move over you to reposition tubes for you to rise. You are a body, together. This work is the work of sensing connection. Feel each other through the tubes. Make space for each other.

Twice, one person moves away from the rest, find pull, reach, suspend. The dancers run towards the one, initiating fall for the one, dancers run over the one with the tubes, dragging her, she responds in an organic way, makes her way to stand, falls into the tubes and dancers all respond in the moment to the weight, momentum and desire to move through space.

Run, once again, arms extended. Let run fall through space to a stop, sensing each other.

Let tubes drop.

Kick tubes together with feel to put in close proximity.

Feel the back of your head and fall backwards , slowly sensing, to the back wall.

Part 4-Surrender, going under the tone

Find pleasure in the tactile sensation of skin to wall. Slowly melt down the wall, yielding the body. Go under the tone. Imagine your energy pulling you under. Feel the pleasure of the rain on your skin. Rest. You have everything that you need. You are safe.

Part 5-Spring/Eros/Aliveness

Choreo: cut out the vestibular spinning and we will go from the Pan walks to the ending gathering in the center center.


Part 1: I want you to be connected through your sensing body to the environement around you. Notice the air, the lights, the warmth on your skin, the specs of dust in the air and allow your whole body to notice. I don't want modern dance stone face. Your eyes can see. What are you looking at as you pulse and look out? What do you see? Are you seeing the lights in your eyes? The darkness? A beloved in the audience? Are you feeling anxiety as you perform? This is about your lived body experience. Be present in your body. If you notice anxiety, fear, self doubt, notice it, remind yourself that everything is just right, you are just right, and the only thing that matters is presence in your body. I'm exploring the unruly body as form of counter hegemony, counter to the systems of domination in the body. By listening, yielding, surrendering to the body and it's wisdom, we shift away from a pattern of dominating the body. Likewise, as you connect with each other as a Body and learn to listen, negotiate, respond to each other, we shift patterns of fearing the other. And following pleasure! Follow pleasure pathways in your body. Let it feel good. Dancing can feel amazing!

*let the shake in your hands start really slowly and imperceptibly. Perhaps no one can even see it it at first. Let your arms raise very slowly. The movement of the shake can be much smaller. Don't work so hard. Almost as if the shake is happening to you. You can look with your eyes at your shaking arms with curiosity.

* What are you feeling as you press the tube away from your body and arch back and then forward? Are you finding your tube internally and feeling that connection from vag to crown? Stay with your interior connectivity and presence.

*The jumping/grabbing, feeling rebound. What are you grasping for? Want it. Go after it.

*Can you find pleasure in the running? What if you closed your eyes? Feel the air and lights on your skin. Feel your heart beating.

Part 2:

*Keep the descent real matter of fact action, like you are. I love it

*Find stillness as you sit. Look into the eyes of someone in front of you and keep eyes and face still. Sense each other for the transition to arms reaching back and sliding down.

*Let yourself rest on the floor. Don't rush anything. It's so beautiful to see this deep yielding action. Don't rush to lift your pelvis.

*Maybe it would be helpful to give a timing cue for the pelvic rock. Hear how the music in this section is going "waaaa waaaa waaa waaa waa waa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" What if the action happened on the long ending waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. So you rest when you get down to the floor until you hear that ending waaaa and you lift the pelvis. Then the pelvis rocks till the ending waaaa when you then stretch long and find pleasure from the head again untill the last waaaaaaaaaaa when you sit up...although I kinda like the cannon, so let's keep that.

*Once everyone is sitting, let's just get into head-tail position without sitting for long.

*When you get to your sit on knees position, again don't rush. Maybe close your eyes to connect with your tubes. Find stillness first and let it start small. This is about process. and pleasure.

*Even slower in the tactile brush down the body. Close your eyes again. Feel your surface with tender care. It's your form. Your material body.

*Play with the rhythm of your head tail exploration. Find space in the vertebrae. Can you feel it like water running through? Can you release any of the tension that lives in your spine?

*Transition to stand. Sharing weight with an other.

Part 3:

*This yield is so beautiful. Feel each other. Feel the release.

*On a somatic level, this sponge pattern we are finding again (pulse) lives under the reflex in the fluid system. Feel your fluids.

*In the somatic falling section, allow for more passive weight before rebounding. I like how your falls do reverberate and force movement. I'd like to see it build a little bit more before the single falls.

*We will spend more time doing this "I go" section. I think we just need to feel each other more and more. It looks pretty rad tho. I dig it.

*Also, I will build more tubes

*Let's not do the knee shake. Let's just look at the tubes on the floor and shuffle it together with our feet before stepping out.

*From our gaze at the tubes, let's find the back of our heads, falling into back space, falling deep into ourselves.

Section 4:

*Love it.

*Embrace stillness/yield/under the tone


*You are emerging from the depths. Spring growth. Resurrection. Pan. Virility. (Queer virility is one of my favorite concepts!)

*Let's all find our gathering in on the 3rd 8 count. and fan/expand after that.

*I have a couple more notes on this section but it's feeling tedious right now and I will get back to it.

WE GOT SO MUCH DONE ON TUESDAY!!!! Thank you so much! I would love it if you all would share the event on social media and invite friends. And if you could bring some undergarments on Tuesday that would be great. I'll bring costumes and we'll talk makeup. Shit. We need to do this again. I'm really enjoying this process and don't feel done! Thank you so much for being in this with me!

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