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Dance Artist

KJ Dahlaw 

Photo by MK Meredith

Artist Statement

As a dance artist, I am interested in the Body: my own body, the ‘other’ body, the

corporeal body, the bioregional body, the transgressive body, the queer body. The body

pulses with the stories of our ancestors, the imprinting of culture, and the instincts of our

creaturely ways. I approach movement as a presence practice with the body, oriented

towards ease, athleticism, and pleasure. I believe in sweating stories into pools of

questions on the floor of wonder and playing with possibility.


Photo by MK Meredith


Photo: Josie Luciano



KJ Dahlaw

5763 Yale Ave

Richmond, CA 94805


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Photos top row: Jen Philips

Photos bottom row: Jen Philips

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