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Coming summer 2022

Demon Legion

Demon Legion is a collaborative project between Unruly Body Tanztheater and dance/video artist Rhea Speights.  Our research explores the visceral response to horror film in conjunction with the vulnerability of the dancing body. We use a narrative structure inspired by a true story. UBT's Artistic Director KJ Dahlaw was doxxed by the Catholic right-wing for being transgender and queer while teaching at a Catholic High School. Examining demonology as means of ‘othering’ is an intimate, embodied experience for KJ, who grew up queer inside of the Protestant church. The mythology of the Demon Legion comes from the biblical account of the Gospel of Mark in which Jesus performs an exorcism on the Demon Legion, who is alleged to be a demon of multiplicity. 
We invite you to support this work that will provide income for queer artists and make transformational queer art. We are raising money to pay our dance artists, sound artists, video artists and to fund our remaining expenses. 81% of our actual expenses (not in-kind) go toward artist fees; our priority is paying artists fairly and making good work. Over half of our total expense is covered by in-kind donations. Demon Legion is set for a release date of late 2021/early 2022. Join us in exploring our inner monsters as we construct a queer horror tale of becoming. 


Coming Easter 2022

Queer Incarnate Body

Queer Incarnate Body is an examination of Christian hegemony, queer theology and somatic practices of counter-hegemony. Approaching the body as site and source of knowing, phenomenology in relationship to queer incarnational theology centers the body as counter to hegemony. The mystical notion of the ‘Body of Christ’ is held as queer as Christ is positioned as the hybrid space between binaries. Weaving personal narrative, queer theology and political analysis of Christian supremacy, Queer Incarnate Body is a dance and film installation. Outside perspective feels really valuable  as Queer Incarnate Body is personally risky work. Inside of queer theology I explore the Eucharist as erotic; pleasure as praxis of becoming; and unruliness as counter hegemony.

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