Unruly Body Tanztheater is a project of Artistic Director KJ Dahlaw, designed to disrupt the logic of hegemony in the Body, oriented towards a queer futurity. UBT is an inter-disciplinary, eco-somatic dance theater project of embodiment.


To be ungovernable. To be free. To resist the logic of domination. To resist the logic of domination

IN THE BODY. To be wild and without limit. 


The corporeal body is the enfleshment of the

 socio-political-ecological-material body. The corporeal body is always in flux because it is a part of an ecology. The body contains the imprint of corporeality. The corporeal body is the body in relationship to time and place, matter and mythology, culture and biosphere. Therefore, the body becomes a source of understanding the Earth community. The corporeal body becomes a lens from which we can understand ourselves.

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